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Alex Endeshaw, Comedian & Actor

Posted on by MER Life Design

Since working with Marie Elena, my life has changed dramatically. I’ve had one of the most prolific months of my professional career. Booking five TV acting jobs as well as an invitation to perform stand up comedy at one of the most prestigious arenas in the country. She has taught me to be mindful of my living space, keep a clean and orderly home, and organize my living space to address areas of my life for improvement.

Plus, Feng Shui is so much fun. I regularly go to flea markets, thrift shops, new age stores and Chinatown looking for the next thing that will make a living space better. The history and knowledge of Feng Shui are fascinating. You will be introduced to a world where you have the means to make positive change. Feng Shui will do wonders. Good things will come after working with Marie Elena.

Most of all, Marie Elena is a true inspiration. You may not believe in everything that Feng Shui has to offer. But, after working with her, you will believe in Marie Elena and her deep desire, dedication and diligence to help you improve your life.

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