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Audre Nelson

Posted on by MER Life Design

Marie Elena Rigo is THE FUNK SCHWAY QUEEN!

Marie Elena came to my house and went through each room and thoroughly explained all of the Feng Shui elements to it. What I found so special about Marie Elena is that SHE LOVES WHAT SHE DOES! Have you ever spent time with someone who truly LOVES what they do and they’re like a gleaming beam of light? That’s Marie Elena.

She took so much time to explain everything to me and to teach me about the art of Feng Shui and how I could do just little things that will make a big difference in my life energetically. She didn’t tell me that I had to run out and buy anything! Marie Elena has simple, inexpensive and creative ideas to help me in creating the Funk Schwayed home of my dreams! She also is a great listener and tailored our session around what I told her that I was looking for in my life.

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