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Beth Thornton, Program Facilitator, A Thousand Joys

Posted on by MER Life Design

Your “Embrace Your Space” training totally changed my life. After setting our goals in the workshop, I actually followed through. I immediately cleaned out all the stuff in my car and found it empowering to throw it in the trash. As you said, it had been giving me a message….your life is in chaos, just look at your car!!

In my home, I threw tons of stuff away. It was amazing to see how much I was holding onto! I almost filled the dumpster. Afterwards, I felt this sense of peace and order and realized how much I hate collecting random materials!!! So, now whenever I want to hold onto something, I think of your mantra: “need, use, love.” If it falls outside those categories, it immediately goes in the trash.

Thank you so much for giving us such a gift with your presentation. I feel like I can take this concept back home and share it with my family. I hope you can continue to help otthers feel equally empowered. You rock!

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