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Everyday Life Coaching Tips & Skills

Posted on by MER Life Design

Tips for Personal Life Mastery

1. Be Present: Be fully aware and in the moment — whether you are washing the dishes,
typing a memo or sharing time with your family. Mindfulness and presence are key to
feeling connected and alive.

2. Get Quiet: Meditate, take a walk in nature or just sit in your car with the radio and phone
off for a few minutes. Breathe, and listen to any messages or clues that come forward.
There’s another level of wisdom you possess that’s just beyond your busy mind.

3. Take a Risk: Stretch — out of your comfort zone. Growth is a result of reaching beyond
what we know and what is familiar. Dare to dream and know that a “risk” is just an
opportunity for something new to come into your life.

Skills to Enhance Inter-personal Communications

1. Active Listening: Be fully present and give your undivided attention to the person you
are with. If your mind wanders while he/she is speaking, bring yourself back to the
conversation as quickly as possible. If you missed something they said, skip to skill #3
(Perception Checking) and resume active listening. Listen intently with compassion and

2. Silence: Keep quiet. Resist the urge to interrupt. Allow the person you are speaking
with to fully express and completely finish the sentence or thought – even if/when you
feel you have something relevant to add. When you think the person is complete, count
to 10 (silently). At that point, if the person doesn’t resume, implement skill #3 (Perception
Checking). Then, share your thoughts.

3. Perception Checking: Don’t assume you know what the other person has said – or
what they meant. When he/she finishes talking, take the opportunity to ensure you
understood. Begin by saying something like, “What I heard you say was…” Then, reflect
back to them what you heard and complete your statement with, “…is that accurate?”
Give the person the chance to agree or to clarify further.

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