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Fend Shui Tips for Health

Posted on by MER Life Design

Feng Shui is a way to arrange your space to enhance your life.  It’s also a powerful tool to improve your health.  Here are five simple tips to help you sleep better, reduce stress, boost your immune system and create a more healthy and supportive environment!

1. Relax Your Nervous System

– Declutter! Get rid of anything you don’t need, use or love and keep surface areas clear.

– Put your desk, bed, sofa, etc. in the command position where you have a full — or at least a peripheral view of the door – and your back/head against a solid wall.

– Minimize sharp edges/angles in your environment – especially with furniture. You’ll reduce bumps, bruises and your fight-or-flight response.

2. Boost Your Immune System

– Keep your toilet lids down to avoid spreading germs throughout the bathroom.

– Take your shoes off! Footwear carries dirt, bacteria and chemicals. Why bring it into your home?

– Add plants throughout the home to clean the air and beautify the environment.

3. Get a Good Night’s Sleep with a Calm and Relaxing Bedroom

– Put your bed in the “command position” and avoid sleeping under a window or overhead beams.

– Keep surface areas and the space under bed clear.

– Remove “distractions” including TVs, computers, phones, etc.

– Use calming colors and inviting fabrics.

– Install soft lighting and window treatments.

– Keep mirrors out sight – they activate the energy in the room by reflecting light, objects & people!

4. Reduce or Eliminate EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields)

– Keep electronics out of the bedroom. Replace old, digital alarm clocks with a battery-powered clock or keep your clock away from the bed.

– Do away with the microwave – it produces extremely high EMFs even when not in use; turning it on generates harmful EMF levels. If you must have one, use it sparingly and move 15-feet away while in use. Remember, almost everything can be warmed and cooked with radiant heat.

– Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use; avoid sitting/sleeping close to them.

5. Get Rid of Toxins/Chemicals in Your Home

– Use low- or no-VOC paint.

– Incorporate green building materials whenever possible.

– Opt for organic, natural fiber rugs and fabrics.

– Clean your home with natural products.

– Wash your clothes with chemical-free laundry detergent.

– Check the labels on your toiletries and select soap, shampoo, etc. without harmful chemicals.

– Buy organic produce – skipping the pesticides on food.

Remember that your surroundings matter. Creating a clean, clear, beautiful environment can help improve your health and vitality. Honor your home with daily maintenance and it will support your well-being.

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