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Feng Shui Tips for Manifesting & Enhancing a Love Relationship

Posted on by MER Life Design

Feng Shui, meaning “Wind & Water,” is the ancient system of environmental placement.
Practiced for more than 3000 years in China, the Western World is now embracing it as a way
to create balance and harmony in our homes, offices, and in our lives. Feng Shui can be a
powerful tool to help us manifest what we want in all different areas of our lives, including
intimate relationships.

In Feng Shui, a nine-box grid called the BaGua is used to map out areas of the home that
correspond to specific areas of life. In Black Sect Feng Shui, the Love & Marriage area is in the
far-right hand corner of your home based on the front door. In Compass Feng Shui, the Love & Marriage area is located in the Southwest part of your home. Both systems are effective in
activating energy and anchoring intention around partnership.

Enhancements for the Love & Marriage Area

• Pictures, paintings, collages, photos and figures of a significant other, or someone who
looks like the one you wish to attract

• Pairs of things such as lovers, doves, dolphins, hearts – all symbols of love, or symbols
that meaningfully exemplify the relationship you desire

• Quotes, affirmations and/or sayings pertaining to love/marriage or relationships.

• Things that have a personal association with love & marriage
Enhancements for the Bedroom

Whether or not your Love & Marriage area is in your bedroom, this room is important in
attracting a partner. A warm, inviting bedroom offers an atmosphere of serenity, sensuality and

Preparing the room for intimacy.

• Bedrooms are meant for sleeping, reading, love-making and recharging. Keep TVs,
computers, phones and stereos out of your bedroom. If you must have a TV or
computer in your bedroom, try enclosing it in a cabinet or covering it when not in use.

• Keep photos of your family, friends and past lovers out of your bedroom. This is a
private space for you and your partner. The same idea applies to religious and art
figures – especially if they are positioned facing the bed.

• Select artwork that is romantic, sensual and/or serene.

• Choose soothing sounds, warm colors, sensual fabrics and pleasant fragrances.

Preparing the room for partnership.

• Make sure you have a bed big enough for two. It would be challenging to host your
partner in a single bed.

• Have two bedside tables and two lamps – preferably of equal size.

• Make sure both people have equal space to get in and out of the bed comfortably.

• Make sure there is room on the bed for people. Too many accent pillows can send a
message that the bed is “already full.”

• Remove stuffed animals, dolls or other items that could suggest an unfinished
childhood or limited emotional availability for a mature partnership.

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