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Getting Back In Balance

Posted on by MER Life Design

I was standing in front of the register at the Adidas store today – buying a David Beckham soccer jersey for my niece’s birthday, when everything shook. It’s as if I were on a boat swaying from side to side. The rep who was helping me seemed unphased, but I was watching the room move and lights sway, and I froze in that moment. He hadn’t even noticed, but it had literally rocked my world.

Turns out it was an earthquake. It’s actually an expected occurrence when living in California, but also a strange thing to experience. I felt sea-sick, nauseous, off-kilter. In fact, I have vertigo described, and this felt similarly.

As the earth was thrown temporarily off balance, so was I. And, the “after-shock” lasted in my body for nearly an hour. When I arrived home, I sat down, had some water and centered myself. I took a few deep breaths and referenced the room. I noticed the balance in the space. The way things were arranged, the way the furniture grounded the room. I also observed what might “shake” or “fall” if there were a strong stimulus.

We can all be thrown off balance at times – sometimes by an external force or sometimes by an internal one. Many of these off-balance triggers are hidden within your living environment. Maybe your desk is piled with papers, the bookshelves are packed, boxes stacked overhead, a bed or sofa against or under a window, leaning mirrors, counters covered with cosmetics or appliances. Believe it, these things actually affect your nervous system and can activate your “fight or flight” response.

The good news is, your space can help keep you centered or re-balance you when you feel off-kilter. Heavy objects anchored in corners, adequate space to move around and about, and clear surface areas all contribute to you feeling more grounded.

So, try clearing your desk, putting heavy books on the bottom of shelves, arrange your bed, sofa and desk so that your back is against a solid wall, and clear off those counters – see how you feel. I guarantee there will be a shift in the energy in the room – and in you.

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