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In This Moment: A Thanksgiving Inspiration

Posted on by MER Life Design

Back in my days working as a public relations executive, we had a saying: “Media begets media.” What it meant was that one media hit would often garner more media attention. This week, as I watched the news and experienced friends, colleagues and family worrying about the economic environment, I wondered, “Does fear beget fear?”

The answer is a resounding “yes.” I knew it because the more I watched the news and listened to others voice their concerns about our economy, the more I began to buy into the fear as well. After all, my independent business has slowed down a bit compared to previous months (albeit I do typically have a seasonal slowdown around this time), and I noticed that many people around me are cutting back and preparing for the worst. Processing all of this, I began to experience fear.

Collective consciousness is a powerful thing. And, even with all of my psychological and spiritual training – and an unwavering belief that everything is merely realigning—I bought into it. The good news is, I can choose something different, and so can you.

One of my favorite inspirational speakers, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, defines fear as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” While the evidence of an economic downturn is real, the fear we are experiencing is entirely created by us. We are projecting negative into the future. The situation is the situation, but what we tell ourselves about the situation (e.g. I’m not going to be able to pay my bills, I am going to get evicted, I will become homeless, I will die) is entirely up to us.

A powerful way to shift out of fear is to be in the moment. Recognize what’s real in your life now. You can still plan for the future, re-prioritize, be mindful about your spending, create a back-up plan, and so on, but let go of what might happen in the future and focus in on what you have right now. Be grateful for that. Remember, gratitude and fear cannot co-exist. Why? Because gratitude is about the present and fear is about the future.

Today, I encourage you to be in this moment. Step into gratitude for all the many blessings in your life. Regardless of what is to come, appreciate what you have now.

Notice the abundance of what you do have, right here right now, and let it in, really let it in.  You may lose it all later, but for now, while you still have it, can you relax and be still, be comforted in what you do have in this moment.  It would be nice to think, later, ‘I really appreciated it when I had it, I didn’t waste being grateful for a moment.’ We could wait gratefully for years to lose it all and notice to the end of our lives that losing it all never happened.  To open to what is reality right now is to see options that are unimaginable to the frightened, living-in-the-future, I-know mind. ~ Byron Katie

Collective conscious is a powerful thing. What if we were all collectively grateful for the many blessings that exist in our lives? Would a shift in consciousness and reality occur?

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