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It Is EASY Being GREEN! Simple Tips to Living in Harmony with Nature

Posted on by MER Life Design


• Eat organic
• Shop at the Farmer’s Market, local Co-op and organic grocery stores
• Eat raw or use your stove to cook – ban the microwave, it produces strong EMFs
(Electromagnetic Fields) and reduces the nutritional value and enzymes in your food
• Frequent whole food restaurants that use fresh organic produce and all-natural ingredients
such as free-range meat and wild fish
• Compost to honor the earth


• Choose a natural wood bed frame
• Select 100% cotton sheets or all-natural fibers for bedding (hemp works too!)
• Purchase an organic mattress – if possible


• Use sustainable flooring (cork, bamboo or biodegradable non-toxic linoleum made from all
natural ingredients) and reclaimed, sustainably harvested wood for furniture, beams, etc.
• Add solar panels and insulation
• Use eco-friendly plaster
• Add color with low- or no-VOC / non-toxic paint


• Surround yourself with healthy plants to clean the air and help you connect to nature
• Clean your home with natural products – hint, substitute lemon juice and baking soda for
• Clean your body with all-natural shampoos and soaps (minus the sodium laurel sulfate and
other chemicals)
• Wear organic fabrics such as cotton and hemp
• Drink water from the tap and use a filter rather than buying individual bottles
• Drive an eco-friendly car such as a hybrid or better yet, walk or ride a bike!
• Conserve energy by shutting off lights, electronics and appliances and uplug cords when not
in use

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

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