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Refresh: Definition – Mirriam-Webster

1: to restore strength and animation to: revive

2: to freshen up: renovate

3 a: to restore or maintain by renewing supply: replenish b: arouse, stimulate (let me refresh your memory)

4: to run water over or restore water to

5: to update or renew especially by sending a new signal

Synonym: Renew

Ever feel like you just need to refresh?

A few weeks ago, I bought some fresh fish at the Farmer’s Market. When I went to put it in the freezer, I noticed it was full-to-the-brim. I had zero room for anything else. While I tell my clients to declutter their homes and leave space for new things to come into their lives, I realized I was guilty of a cluttered refrigerator! At that moment, I took everything out, threw away the old, organized what I wanted to keep, and made room for my fish and plenty more. Now, every time I open the freezer, I smile and feel refreshed.

I was aware this would probably inspire me to take a closer look at other areas – which I did. That afternoon, I cleaned my closets. While I’m a pretty organized person with limited excess “stuff,” I was surprised to find many items I was holding on even though I hadn’t worn them in almost a year. So, I put theses items to the test – and tried them on. As soon as I donned the shirt, dress or pants, I knew if I was supposed to keep them or let them go. I ended up packing up several bags of clothes to take to Goodwill. I even threw in the duvet and shams that had been with me since I moved into my current home five years ago. After all, they had been through two boyfriends and there was someone new and special in my life now. I thought about the Feng Shui principle of energy and decided freshening was a must.

Before leaving to drop off the bags, I looked around at my living room. I asked myself if there was anything “old or tired” that I could release. The pillows on my sofa were from my New York City days, purchased 10 years prior from a Turkish vendor in Union Square. They were brightly colored and patterned – in style that I used to love, but didn’t resonate for me anymore. So, into the give-away bag they went. I put the throw blanket in too, but then took it out, feeling like it could still work if I just refreshed a few other things.

I dropped off eight bags at Goodwill that day and felt liberated, uplifted and refreshed.

A few days later, I was shopping for one of my residential design clients and happened upon some great “refresher items” for my kitchen, bedroom and living room. Now that I had donated the old, there was space for me to add some new items.

I bought a new duvet and shams (in organic cotton which feels great to the touch), new throw pillows for my sofa and some kitchen items including a new window treatment, chair pads, floor mat and dish towels. The colors I selected were mostly neutrals – which I’ve been designing a lot with lately and really feel like a fit for my style right now. As I enter each room in my home now, things feel just a little bit different. The new items helped refresh my environment and my spirit.

Is there an area of your home or your life that could use “freshening?” Take a look around. Start by clearing out the old – and releasing anything that doesn’t feel like “you” anymore. You’ll open a space for new things to come in.

Small changes can make a big difference. Try refreshing your space and see if that feeling carries over into your life. I bet it will!

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