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More and more people and companies are using Feng Shui. Retail stores like Bath and Body Works, Ace Hardware, hotels like Hilton, and companies like Coca-Cola, Virgin Airlines, the Bank of England, Citibank, Merrill Lynch and Charles Schwab have all used Feng Shui to enhance their prosperity. In fact, even the United Nations has embraced it. Retail stores use Feng Shui and product placement to sell their products. Fast food restaurants often use color to attract customers, and Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta uses Feng Shui in their offices, and have reported an increased in profits and employee efficiency. Madonna, Oprah, and Donald Trump have used Feng Shui for gain their fortunes. Donald Trump, who has been using Feng Shui since the 1970s says, “You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. I just know it brings me money.”

Look who’s giving Feng Shui a stamp of approval…

“Using Feng Shui in business and at home is another trend that is still on the upward climb to its full potential.”
Lea Semple Elysian Fields, Buyer

“As more Asians invest money in the U.S. Feng Shui is moving out of America’s China towns and into the mainstream; so mainstream, that even New York real estate legend Donald Trump plans to build a skyscraper using Feng Shui.”
Dateline, NBC News
August 8, 1995

“Words to watch lists Geomancy (Feng Shui) as one of the words shaping our world today.”
U.S. News & World Report
December 31, 1990

“It’s just another element in which you can have the advantage over your competitors. Asians are becoming a big part of our market and this is something we cannot ignore.”
Donald Trump
New York Times
September 22, 1994

“You just do it in Hong Kong – it’s like an engineering survey.”
William Doyle
Former Chase Manhattan Bank Executive

“Chase Manhattan’s Merchant Bank in Hong Kong floundered until a Feng Shui expert was consulted… Hyatt Hotel in Singapore prospered only after alterations were made by a Feng Shui Master.”
Evelyn Lip
Feng Shui Author

“It seems to have worked for Ponderosa Homes, a developer in Pleasanton, California. Unable to sell five of 15 $650,000 homes it built in a development in Freemont, California, Ponderosa consulted a Feng Shui specialist. At her suggestion, Ponderosa replaced straight walks with curved ones and turned rectangular front yards into rounded ones -and sold the five homes in three months.”
August 10, 1992

“When Solectron, a maker of computer circuit boards in Milpitas, California, decided to build new headquarters, the June 1991 groundbreaking included a Feng Shui blessing. The price of Solectron’s shares has since more than tripled. Go Figure.”
August 10, 1992

“Whenever we open a new store we want to make certain that everything is in place. Success is easier if you’ve created a positive harmony.”
Olive Lubner
Robb & Stucky’s Chief Executive Officer