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Business Client:
BirdBarrier of America
Internal Office: Before
Internal Office: After
Cluttered, unorganized, client experiencing lack of focus
Surfaced areas clear, peaceful, client feels empowered
Breakroom: Before
Breakroom: After
Cluttered, uncared for, open shelving, uninviting
Tidy, inviting, enhanced with closed cabinets, round tables, plants and artwork

Residential Client:
Couple Wanting to Create More Intimacy in Relationship
Bedroom: Before
Bedroom: After
Cold, uninviting, masculine
Warm, welcoming, sensual
View from Bed: Before
View from Bed: After
Cluttered, pictures of family/friends, TV/electronics, uninspiring artwork not to scale on wall
Clean/clear, selective pictures of couple, romantic artwork, candles for passion, plants

Business Client:
Santa Monica Video
Reception Area: Before
Reception Area: After
Stark, uninviting, unbranded
Warm, welcoming, branded with colors and logo
Hallway: Before
Hallway: After
Waiting Area: Before
Waiting Area: After

Residential Client
Kitchen: Before
Kitchen: After