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Your Feng Shui Experience Includes:

  • Sighting of location to determine surrounding elements that affect the structure: Overall features of the area, street configuration, adjoining properties, neighbors, building shape, property shape
  • Landscaping Evaluation (if applicable) and approach to front entrance; evaluating pathways throughout structure for flow and safety which may affect customers/clients/patients, employees and visitors
  • Interior design recommendations for all areas (paint specification/color analysis upon request)
  • Evaluating all areas of the space including, storefront, offices, storage, etc. for furniture placement, balance of five elements, clutter, cleanliness and flow, lighting, corners, shelves, cabinets, electrical equipment and cords, ergonomics, columns, beams and architectural anomalies, threshold, first impressions and EMFs (electromagnetic fields)
  • Compass reading, Flying Stars analysis, best directions (Eight Mansions) and elemental remedies (by request)
  • Meetings: Initial meeting with client and/or management to explain the process, answer any questions, discuss vision of the company. Meeting with owners, additional management and/or employees to explain Feng Shui as a tool for business success upon request
  • A written report with customized recommendations/suggestions for each area and summation meeting with management/owners (upon request)
  • Follow-up visits and phone calls to ensure Feng Shui success

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Pre-Consultation Client Questionnaire, Commercial