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Your Feng Shui Experience Includes:

  • Space clearing and blessing (by request)
  • Sighting of location to determine surrounding elements that affect the residence: Overall features of the area, street configuration, adjoining properties, neighbors, building shape, property shape
  • Landscaping Evaluation with the five elements (if applicable) and approach to front entrance
  • Evaluating all areas of the structure for furniture placement, balance of five elements, clutter, cleanliness and flow, lighting, corners, ch’i pathways, beams and architectural anomalies, threshold, first impressions
  • Interior design recommendations integrated with Feng Shui (paint specification/color analysis by request)
  • Personalized Ba Gua map of your floor plan with customized recommendations for each area (Black Sect and/or Compass BaGua)
  • EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Survey and abatement recommendations (by request)
  • A folder of reference materials including a Five Element resource sheet, ch’i enhancers, decluttering tips, customized charts, etc.
  • Flying Star calculations, best directions for house inhabitants (Eight Mansions), and elemental remedies
  • Follow-up phone calls/emails to ensure Feng Shui success

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