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Everyday Feng Shui®: Enhance Your Home & Your Life

Everyday Feng Shui® is an informational audio program that will inspire you to enhance your home and your life. The 45-minute CD is packed with practical and professional tips to create a nurturing and supportive environment you can use today, tomorrow and for years to come. Specifically designed to be listened to again and again, it will offer new insights every time you press play. As seen in Redbook!

Everyday Feng Shui® CD: Enhance Your Home & Your Life


$20.00 / ea (includes S&H)

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Track Listing

Introduction & Principles:

01. Music & Opening
02. What is Feng Shui?
03. "Chi" or Energy
04. Yin & Yang
05. The Five Elements
06. Seeing with "Feng Shui Eyes"
07. The Command Position
08. Clutter
09. Five Simple Feng Shui Steps

A Room-by-Room Tour:

10. Entryway
11. Living Room
12. Kitchen
13. Bedroom
14. Child’s Bedroom
15. Bathroom
16. Home Office
17. Recap
18. Closing & Musical Interlude