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Sex It Up This Spring: Are Your Yin & Yang in Balance?

Posted on by MER Life Design

Ever wonder how your yin and yang energy affects your sex life?

Good chemistry in the bedroom relies on a great balance between the two. In fact, yin/yang is the perfect balance of dynamic opposites working together to create harmony. When talking about sex – at least good sex – it’s not only helpful, it’s essential.

Defining yin and yang could be complicated – but let’s just oversimplify the concept and equate them to feminine and masculine energy (respectively). And, in the interest of our Sex in the City Theme, let’s review what’s yin and yang about our girls:

Samantha: Yin body and presentation (hair, clothes, makeup), yang attitude – especially in her sexcapades and career
Carrie: A fairly even balance – but more yin overall; her fetish for shoes/clothes and her sense of style is very yin, yet her apartment and fear of babies and commitment might be seen as a bit more yang
Miranda: More yang overall – particularly in personality/career. She does embrace her yin side when she allows Steve to pay for her and becomes a mom to Brady
Charlotte: Yin – pretty much through and through; a girlie girl who appreciates good ol’ fashioned romance and courting

Regardless of our gender, we all possess both yin and yang energy. In relationship, however, there is a subtle, yet powerful effect of connecting more fully to our more prominent tendencies – and avoiding the lack of passion of yin/yin or the power struggle of yang/yang. [Note: Even if you dating someone of the same sex, yin & yang roles have to exist for the relationship to work.]

So, ladies (forgive the sweeping heterosexual generalizations here) be yin! Let the guys take the lead. Embrace the chivalry. Think of Charlotte doing – well — anything. Allow yourself to be receptive. Remember Carrie giddily accepting a gorgeous dress from her Russian “lover.” This may be challenging at first – especially if you are taking on a more yang role in your work life, but it is essential if you want a relationship with a yang man!

And men, be yang! Initiate, open doors, help us with our coats, pick up the tab for drinks, make the first move…even if we can do all of this on our own. Be like The Russian or like Big (when they were being their BEST manly man, chivalrous moments of sweeping Carrie off of her feet).

This may seem old-fashioned…in fact, it is. Chinese metaphysics is thousands of years old. Yet, in modern society, sometimes stepping into our more natural yin & yang energies stretches us out of the comfort zones we created in more recent years.

With the woman’s movement, many females have become so independent and self-sufficient (think Miranda and Samantha – and even Carrie & Charlotte to a degree) that it can be harder to connect to the softer, gentler side that will be in greater harmony with a male’s primary provider nature. And, that doesn’t mean women can’t be strong, powerful beings and men can’t be sensitive…it just seems helpful when “connecting” to honor those yin & yang characteristics that are innate.

So, want to sex up this spring? Put the yin and the yang back where they belong – especially in the bedroom!

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