Testimonials » Audio CD

" I loved this CD. It is a very clear communication and very easy to digest. There is much to be said for the approach Marie Elena has taken. It is simple, clear and gets results. Covering these bases is essential prior to attempting more sophisticated methods. "

» Yasha Jampolsky, Feng Shui and Four Pillars Expert and Teacher

" I’ve listened to this CD over and over again. Using the ideas and techniques on it, I was able to quickly transform my living space into a peaceful environment which was instantly recognized by roommates, friends and me. Thank you for a very valuable tool! "

» Greg Hain, Designer

" I absolutely loved Marie Elena’s CD. Marie Elena, thank you for taking the mystery out of Feng Shui! I feel the difference I see the difference, and many of my new business ventures are flowing very well! And, it was so easy and pleasant to listen to, I just popped it in my CD player in the car, and voila! "

» Darla Haun, Spokeswoman / Voiceover Talent / Real Estate Investor

" Marie Elena’s CD is professional, easy to follow and inspiring. The principles are laid out simply and clearly and they make sense! I’ve already applied some of her suggestions and can feel the shift in my environment. The best part is the CD is like a meditation – it calms me down and makes it easy to see where to implement changes. It’s a great gift for clients, family and friends. "

» Linda Landon, Coach, Speaker and Trainer

" Your CD is fabulous! "

» Fredda Wasserman, MA, MPH, LMFT, CT Psychotherapist and Guided Imagery Expert