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" Your “Embrace Your Space” training totally changed my life. After setting our goals in the workshop, I actually followed through. I immediately cleaned out all the stuff in my car and found it empowering to throw it in the trash. As you said, it had been giving me a message….your life is in chaos, just look at your car!!

In my home, I threw tons of stuff away. It was amazing to see how much I was holding onto! I almost filled the dumpster. Afterwards, I felt this sense of peace and order and realized how much I hate collecting random materials!!! So, now whenever I want to hold onto something, I think of your mantra: “need, use, love.” If it falls outside those categories, it immediately goes in the trash.

Thank you so much for giving us such a gift with your presentation. I feel like I can take this concept back home and share it with my family. I hope you can continue to help otthers feel equally empowered. You rock! "

» Beth Thornton, Program Facilitator, A Thousand Joys

" I had the most wonderful, heartfelt, professional, and thorough planning meeting ever. I also want you to know how appreciative I am for your compassionate and clear understanding of my needs. I will be looking at the best way to use your services for myself as well as the environments. Thank you for your incredible energy and peace. "

» Mona Lisa Fortenberry, Executive Director, My Brother’z House, Santa Monica’s Premier Sober Living Home

" Marie Elena’s years of business experience combined with her knowledge of Feng Shui made her recommendations particularly useful for me as a business owner. Her suggestions were not only related to Feng Shui, but included marketing and aesthetic ideas that were very helpful. "

» Jonathan Teller, Cremalita

" After making the changes Marie Elena suggested for the office, the last two months have been the most successful in the company’s history and they greatly exceeded their sales goals. Needless to say, we are thrilled with the results. "

» M. Thorsell, BirdBarrier of America

" Marie Elena Rigo Feng Shui’d my Office and She is Awesome!!!

She is affectionately called ‘M’ ‘E’ and is a professional from beginning to end. She is organized, creative and service-oriented. Before my office consultation with ME even began, I was impressed with her level of preparation. And, that experience continued throughout the process of procuring furniture and decorations. She was absolutely accountable in every facet of her actions. I trusted her implicitly, for she is authentic and committed to her work. ME’s talents in spatial awareness and interior design are a powerful combination.

It was an awakening to have a few items placed in my office for a new, fresh feeling of spaciousness and natural flow. Not only did ME find the perfect accessories while staying within the parameters of my nominal budget, she also created a space that is comfortable and classy.

Marie Elena prides herself on doing whatever it takes to complete the job and is committed to customer satisfaction. She is service-oriented and conformed to my schedule — resulting in a very convenient Feng Shui process.

After implementing Marie Elena’s Feng Shui suggestions and having her procure the items I needed, I am experiencing a lighter and more productive work environment. It is a pleasure to be in my office and reside in a positive, energetic space. Further, I am now experiencing great success in my work efforts and a serene calmness during the work day.

I look forward to a very accomplished and abundant year as a result of ME and her consultation. ME is definitely heart-centered and gifted with her Feng Shui practice!

I would encourage anyone in the business world to hire Marie Elena for fabulous, even miraculous results. "

» Barry Lewis, Broker/Investor, Barry Lewis Investments (805) 573-3622

" A few days ago, I listened to your talk about the Feng Shui of an office. It was like a light bulb went off or really like I was granted permission to clean out my closets and files. I threw out six huge bags of stuff and I am pleased to say that unexpected business, new opportunities and ideas have come my way this week. Thanks for your inspiration and reminder that an uncluttered office brings peace and more business! "

» Susan Levin, Speaker Services

" Marie Elena Rigo can assist you in making your home or work environment an experience of joy and freedom.

Recently, I moved from Denver, Colorado to Ventura, California. I was hired by Unity Church as the new minister and my job was to grow the congregation. When I walked into the church for the first time…my heart sank.

The environment felt cold and dreary. It was not a pleasant place to be or worship. I knew my first task was to make the place feel sacred and safe for all those coming to a church service.

Then along came Marie Elena with her feng-shui expertise. She spent quality time with me, making suggestions to transform the church.

Shall I just say….the feng shui efforts have been remarkable! Just two weeks after implementing Marie Elena’s feng shui suggestions, the congregation doubled in size. Last week, there was standing room only! People standing, sitting on the floor…anywhere they could get a space…The atmosphere is joyful, loving and sacred. And, the people that we are attracting are people who are serious about their spiritual journey and are a joy to be around. The feng shui is not completely done, yet…but so far, I am amazed at the difference it has made.

Marie Elena put all of her recommendations into a report that I can refer back to when I need to and followed up with e-mails and phone calls. I have felt her loving support along the journey. She has been wonderful to me.

I cannot recommend Marie Elena enough…If you want to change the way things are in your life or work environment…THEN GIVE HER A CALL. I know you’ll be glad that you did!!!! "

» Reverend Cathy Norman, Unity Church, Ventura, California