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" Working with Marie Elena has been an amazing and life-changing experience. In just a few months, she has helped me address life-long patterns and habits that kept me from reaching my optimal potential — personally and professionally. Her energy, presence, ability to truly listen, gently probe to deepen my understanding of myself and then continuously encourage and guide me in the direction I want to head, created a safe and nurturing environment for me to do the work I needed to do and quickly see the results I never thought that I could achieve. I opened myself to possibilities I had never considered before and as a result created happiness, fulfillment and balance in all areas of my life. With Marie Elena’s guidance, I prepared and readied myself to meet the man of my dreams — still unsure it was actually possible. Now, I’m in a loving, honest, drama-free relationship with my soul mate. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself! "

» Joanna Juszczakiewicz, Programs Director, American Botanical Pharmacy

" Marie Elena is different from other coaches I’ve worked with. She brings practical, business-world experience — tempered with a keen understanding of people and psychology — to every situation. She really makes you feel like she understands the world you walk in. "

» Tracey Collins, President, Mirror Group Consulting

" Marie Elena is the epitome of gentle, loving guidance and intuition. In working with her, I acquired new tools that allowed me to shift my energy and step into my brilliance with grace and ease. "

» Christine Baeza, Creative Director, Mountain High Knitwear

" Marie Elena Rigo is grace embodied. She brings a combination of supportive listening skills as well as a loving motivation to each of her coaching relationships. Our work together was thought-provoking, inspired and uniquely personalized. After working unsuccessfully with various psychologists throughout my 20’s, I discovered the power of coaching, which placed the emphasis on possibilities rather than disabilities; and allowed me to find the courage and answers I had been searching for within myself. With Marie Elena’s guidance I was able to awaken to my purpose in life, and for that I am very grateful. "

» Kate Kennedy, Seattle

" My new nickname for Marie Elena is ‘Turbo’ because that’s exactly who she is in her help with the design aspects. She is also proving to be formidable in the coaching realm. She was the one who really helped me beat my story this month. She is a great help and very available via email or phone. She is very professional. "

» K.W.

" At first, a Life Coach to me meant getting help in organizing, reaching goals and becoming successful. It took only one meeting with Marie Elena to know that her work went far beyond the standard Life Coaching description. She helps in integrating the physical with the spiritual; the mind with the heart; the soul with the body. For more than a year and a half, we’ve worked together and I’ve had a phenomenal journey. With Marie Elena at my side, cheering me on and helping me pave the way, I am becoming integrated — mind, body and spirit. "

» HMA, Los Angeles

" First, I want to share my total appreciation for the gift that you are. In the loving space that you hold and the masterful way that you facilitate, I found myself able to discover possibilities for my life that I hadn’t considered. Suddenly, there’s space for movement into new directions as rigid assumptions about what needs to happen or how long it might take for a dream to be realized are let go of. The depth of your own inner work is so apparent, and as a result what flows through you is truly transformative. "

» Steve Wolk, CEO Silicon Grove, Santa Monica