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" Marie Elena, first, let me say WOW! Our consultation was life changing. I was so charged that I started implementing your recommendations immediately. Thanks again for such wonderful experience. "

» Alicia G. Larry, Kaiser Permanente

" What has happened since my Feng Shui consultation is amazing. It is the best money I have spent in a long time.

From the moment after Marie Elena did a Feng Shui consultation in my home, I have been like a mad (happy) woman clearing, cleaning out closets, kitchen cupboards and old boxes of papers. I am completing work in my yard and adding a fountain, waterfall and ponds.

I am just astounded at the changes that have occurred in just three short weeks. I am seriously looking at going to school and am beginning to look for employment, which I felt incapable of doing until now. I am continuing to lose weight and am fitting into new clothes and getting rid of old ones. I am looking in the mirror (full length) for the first time in five years. I am buying new clothes, and, oh, yes, I dyed my hair red! I am probably going to switch my office and bedroom around completely in the near future.

I am creating my life beautifully, clearly, calmly, happily, powerfully and intentionally. I do not know how to express how much Marie Elena’s beautiful energy and Feng Shui knowledge have contributed to my life. She is beautiful, kind, on purpose, alive, full of valuable knowledge, communicative, supportive and available. I am blessed to know her and share her enthusiasm for Feng Shui and life. Thank you, Marie Elena! "

» Nina Stewart

" Since working with Marie Elena, my life has changed dramatically. I’ve had one of the most prolific months of my professional career. Booking five TV acting jobs as well as an invitation to perform stand up comedy at one of the most prestigious arenas in the country. She has taught me to be mindful of my living space, keep a clean and orderly home, and organize my living space to address areas of my life for improvement.

Plus, Feng Shui is so much fun. I regularly go to flea markets, thrift shops, new age stores and Chinatown looking for the next thing that will make a living space better. The history and knowledge of Feng Shui are fascinating. You will be introduced to a world where you have the means to make positive change. Feng Shui will do wonders. Good things will come after working with Marie Elena.

Most of all, Marie Elena is a true inspiration. You may not believe in everything that Feng Shui has to offer. But, after working with her, you will believe in Marie Elena and her deep desire, dedication and diligence to help you improve your life. "

» Alex Endeshaw, Comedian & Actor

" Marie Elena Rigo is THE FUNK SCHWAY QUEEN!

Marie Elena came to my house and went through each room and thoroughly explained all of the Feng Shui elements to it. What I found so special about Marie Elena is that SHE LOVES WHAT SHE DOES! Have you ever spent time with someone who truly LOVES what they do and they’re like a gleaming beam of light? That’s Marie Elena.

She took so much time to explain everything to me and to teach me about the art of Feng Shui and how I could do just little things that will make a big difference in my life energetically. She didn’t tell me that I had to run out and buy anything! Marie Elena has simple, inexpensive and creative ideas to help me in creating the Funk Schwayed home of my dreams! She also is a great listener and tailored our session around what I told her that I was looking for in my life. "

» Audre Nelson

" I’m thrilled to share that I have quit my very stressful job and will be doing private tutoring and freelance photography. Also, on the guy front, earlier this year an old friendship sprouted into something much more! I feel I owe these major changes in my life partially to Marie Elena. As she suggested, I bought a dinner table and began cooking more, got rid of a multitude of books, moved the shelves around, moved the couch so it’s not floating, hung curtains in front of my closet mirrors, and then this new level of intimacy (and self-love) entered my life—almost immediately! He loves my apartment space, and says that it makes him feel calm.

I still have much more to do with Feng Shui, but I’m so thrilled with the results. She has been such an inspiration! "

» Maria Ventura

" Marie Elena is a wealth of information on Feng Shui and has a very practical approach that is user-friendly. Since working with Marie Elena, I focused my energy on my Love & Marriage corner. In using her suggestions, I instantly manifested a love relationship. This stuff really works! I would highly recommend her services. "

» Claire Pearce

" After our Feng Shui consultation with Marie Elena, my roommate Maya and I felt we had just awakened to an entirely new, thoroughly sensible and exciting way of looking at our shared living space. From concrete suggestions (such as advice on how to articulate boundaries between different areas) to more theoretical reflections (for instance, on the importance of balancing the elements in each room to create a harmonious experience), Marie Elena gave us the power and inspiration to really enrich our home. She has a gift for asking the right questions and making people feel at ease. I really enjoyed working with her – she is a sensitive, caring and knowledgeable consultant and coach. "

» Mitra Martin

" Working with Marie Elena was simple and gratifying. She listened to where I was and where I wanted to go and got me there through transforming my home! My children, home and overall well-being have benefited from Marie Elena’s Feng Shui consulting and coaching skills. "

» Julia Frankel

" Marie Elena speaks from her innate wisdom, and her guidance is clear, effective and highly usable. The changes we made together have transformed my environment. Thank you ME! "

» Barry Selby

" Thank you so much for the gentle and compassionate approach you took in working with me and all of the ‘clutter’ in my home. Your neutral feedback was just what I needed to move through the many layers of resistance I’ve experienced to truly simplify my space and my life. You are a gifted and insightful way-shower; both grounded and professional, with great spirit and humor. "

» Teresa Renner, M.A., M.F.T., Pacific Coast Counseling

" Skeptical at first, I didn’t realize how deeply my surroundings were affecting me. Now that I have implemented Marie Elena’s suggestions, I love being in my space and my energy levels have surged. "

» B. McLaughlin

" Marie Elena’s passion for her work is evident from the very first moment of working with her. I had such a great experience. She used her intelligence, intuition, and superior feng shui training when providing me with a consult for my home. I felt empowered by the information she provided. I also love the interior design suggestions she made. My home feels more comfortable — it feels like me. I highly recommend Marie Elena to anyone wanting to make positive change in their home or work environment! "

» Michele Ayan, Business Coach

" It was such a pleasure meeting you and having you grace my home. I was up until 1:00 a.m. that night moving furniture. Your suggestions about moving the desk near the fire place, freeing up the space on my balcony, and putting the table in my dining area has worked wonders. First of all, I now have this wonderful little meditation spot on my balcony that I actually use. Secondly, I now have a place to eat. Ha! What a concept. And lastly, I love my desk against that wall. I truly feel like I use ALL the space in my home now.

I also got inspired to change my room and even bought a beautiful piece of furniture to shift the space that holds my altar. It is much clearer now and less obvious. I have put so many of your suggestions into action… wow… I feel so much better! Overall, I am deeply inspired and am so grateful for our session. Thank you dearly for your diligence, support and generosity. You are a God-send.

With blessings of prosperity and a heart full of appreciation. "

» Veronica, Santa Monica, CA

" We LOVED meeting you yesterday. What a life changing experience!! We already rearranged the living room and Melisa’s room and the house feels AMAZING. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are a true BLESSING! Thank you for helping us transform into better beings. Your wise words and beautiful spirit have changed our lives. We can’t wait to see the new changes our super-powered, calm, beautiful, clutter-free, lively, balanced home will create in our lives. "

» Liz & Melisa Angulo, Los Angeles