Testimonials » Speaking

" It was such a pleasure having you as a guest speaker at our Friendly Hills Women’s Club. I’ve already heard many positive comments regarding your discussion. I would recommend you to anyone looking for an entertaining, purposeful speaker. "

» Robin Fox, Program Coordinator, Friendly Hills Women’s Club, Whittier, CA

" Thank you so much for your wonderful and informative presentation. I copied and pasted your tips and have taped them in my bedroom, bathroom and desk. As you suggested, I have spent five minutes per day ridding my life/space of unwanted clutter. I can already see and feel a big difference in my life. "

» Beverly, Los Angeles Public Library

" Thank you for a most successful program with participants exuding enthusiasm about every aspect of your presentation! People continue to call this morning to ask for your name. "

» Sybil Blazej-Yee, Adult Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library, Wilshire Branch

" Your workshop had quite an impact. I have been ruthless about clutter since my return. Along with the keynote speaker, it was the highlight of the conference for me! "

» Susan Lichtblau, MS, CRC, Program Director, Gilda’s Club Western NY

" Thank you so much for your absolutely delightful presentation. The turnout was great and the interest level was very high, as ‘clearing clutter,’ is an appealing topic to the public. Your treatment of the subject was professional, erudite, and practical. I especially appreciate how you engaged your audience and answered questions and comments with knowledge and patience.

Your great displays, helpful handouts and words led us to understand the basics of Feng Shui. Several attendees told me they would like you to speak again. Thank you for putting challenging concepts into do-able solutions that will stay with us in our daily lives. I especially loved your practical ideas to ‘avoid distractions’ and I’ve already begun to view my home and work spaces differently to allow energy to flow. For all of your efforts, we thank you from the bottom of our ‘Feng Shui’ hearts. "

» Frances Mendelsohn, Adult Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library

" Marie Elena is one of our most requested speakers! She’s been doing talks for the Co-op since 2004 and always draws a crowd. Her presentations are informative, uplifting and extremely popular within our community. "

» Angelique Dolan, Marketing Director & Speaking Series Coordinator, Santa Monica Co-opportunity

" Marie Elena’s talks are enlivening and educational. Whether on Feng Shui, personal growth, or office productivity, she combines her warmth, professionalism, and passion to inspire and motivate any audience. Participants will leave with tangible tools to streamline their lives, home, and work. "

» Rebecca Underwood, Associate Curator, The Sculpture Foundation

" Thank you so much for your workshop. It definitely had an impact. I certainly can find things that I’m holding on to that have outlived their usefulness. It’s been an interesting contemplation to ask what I get from holding on to these things and from having clutter in my life. You are a very gifted public speaker, and as important, you hold a “space” and an energy as you present that allows for something powerful, in addition to the knowledge and wisdom you impart, to come through. "

» Steve Wolk, CEO, Silicon Groove, LLC