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What If?

Posted on by MER Life Design

What if you truly committed to change?  What if you knew that your resolution of losing weight, getting fit or eating healthy would help save your life, avoid a heart attack or ward off disease?  What if the shift you made today would allow you witness your son/daughter’s graduation or wedding?  What if you altered a destructive pattern or behavior in order to do more, give more – and feel better about yourself now and in the future?   How deep is your desire to make your own dreams become a reality?

“Dreams come true when desire transforms them into concrete action. Ask life for great gifts and you encourage life to deliver to you.” — Napoleon

As humans, we often wait for a traumatic event to occur before we wake up and take action.  This reactive mode is far from the most effective approach, but sadly, it is the most common.  Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to show us what’s important or a potentially fatal diagnosis to initiate a change in our behavior.  This is a reactive approach.

The onset of a new year invites us to consciously choose to be proactive.  To reflect, plan, vision, dream and create – with intention and commitment.

For this reason, New Year’s resolutions are abundant.  Unfortunately, the abandonment of these resolutions is rampant.  More than 80% of people who make resolutions fail.  Why?  Sometimes, unrealistic goals are set, the desire to change is just not there, or the status quo is comfortable “enough.”  The extra weight, low energy levels, hum-drum job, poor self-care habits, lack of quality time with family – works on some level.  But, how well?

If we are truly honest with ourselves – what areas of our life need shifting?  Where is it NOT okay to continue with the status quo?  In order to make real change, we must be willing to sacrifice, give up, release something and build our discipline muscle to stay-the-course.  And, it may be uncomfortable.  Change is uncomfortable.  But, how uncomfortable are we willing to be to improve our lives?

“And the day came when the risk (it took) to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” –Anais Nin

In business, analysis strategies like risk/reward and cost/benefit exist to help us evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention or change versus the status quo.  This New Year, I invite you to look at the areas of your life that you believe need intervention.  Make resolutions wisely – commit to those things where the long-term benefit is greater than the short-term cost.

What if you could truly change your life?  What if you stretched outside of your comfort zone and used your discipline muscle to create what you want.  What if?

Believing in you,

Marie Elena Rigo

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